Indoor Sweeping

Here at Dakota Sweeping, we can sweep and scrub your garages, ramps, and warehouses, as well as power wash them using a heated pressure washer.

Tennant M30 Sweeper-Scrubber

This state-of-the-art Sweeper-Scrubber made in Minnesota is ideal for cleaning indoor parking areas.


  • has an attached 2200 psi pressure washer for cleaning of corners and other hard-to-reach areas
  • uses ec-H2O™ technology, which electrically converts water into a cleaning solution that cleans effectively, allowing up to 70% less water to be used than conventional floor scrubbing methods, and reduces environmental impact compared to daily cleaning floor chemicals and methods
  • Superior maneuverability for cleaning in tight areas with front wheel steering and high traction scrubber-dryer tires
  • uses low emission propane for fuel

Tennant S30 Ride On Sweeper

A Minnesota made sweeper used for heavy debris indoor parking spaces.

Easily pick up everything from cement dust to heavy debris with
the powerful S30 Ride-On Sweeper. Achieve maximum
performance and consistent cleaning results in the toughest
applications – indoors or outdoors!

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